Episode 234 feat. SlYder, DROPWIZZ, Illustrated, Yiro and more


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Sonorus – Losing My Mind
Elvsian and Amita – A New Pace / Simplify.
Lyani – Home feat. AXYL / Simplify.
Dian – Outset
DROPWIZZ – FOOTWORK (VIP) / brednbutter
Illustrated – Get It Back feat. Bailey Jehl (Aaron Shirk & Soar Remix) / Simplify.
SlYder x Ben Chaverin – The Key (SHED YOUR TEARS Remix) / Simplify.
She Was Silver – End Is Over feat. TeZATalks / Simplify.
Stormzy – Wiley Flow / oh! gee
VETA x GNDR – Back To You feat. Sophie Strauss (Rebel Scum Remix) / Simplify.
N-Gine – All About You
A-OLO – Dame
Yiro – Blackout / AY YO TRIP!
Quivile – War / AY YO TRIP!
Svveats – And It Goes Like / AY YO TRIP!
Eater – Without You ft. Thftr
Chen Boi x Ben Chaverin – Getting Outta Here (Tobax Remix) / Simplify.
Crash Comet – Infatuation feat. Rhode / Simplify.

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