Episode 184 feat. Troyboi, Bailo, Dog Blood, Nervo and more


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jeonghyeon – Home / Chill Trap Records
Francis Mercier – Feels Like I’m Alive feat. Zak Ria (Squallz x Tropix Remix) / Deep Root Records
EATER & EDO – Advice
Barely Great – ATTITUDE
Wizard – Money Maker (w/ Jetsam)
CHATOOR – Breathe feat. glasscat
dhmpr. – Meridies
Dr.Ushūu – Stranger Noises / Hybrid Trap
BEATSMASH x SooDope – Bodied feat. Pelly / Brednbutter
Nervo – Habit (HVRCRFT Remix)
Desren – Oracle
Troyboi – O.G (JACKNIFE Recut)
Juke Ellington x Freyah Martell – Ocean’s Floor
DaWave – Insane feat. HOSTED
sxre – Rage
Secret Recipe – Get it Together
Why Mona – Wannabe (Oddcube & B3LLA Remix)
Iamu x Beatcore – Lost
Raucous – Get Yuh
EBEN – Falling Down / brednbutter
Dog Blood – Turn Off the Lights (WKND BAES Remix)
Bailo – Gibberish (BBN Remix)

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